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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय दमोह
Kendriya Vidyalaya Damoh
CBSE Affiliation No. 1000054
WALK IN INTERVIEW (Part Time/Fully Contractual Teachers) on 10/03/2018 & 11/03/2018 at Kendriya Vidyalaya Damoh
 Two days scout and guide camp was organised in the Vidyalaya on 04/11/2017 and 05/11/2017

 Plan of the year 2015-2016(Scout & Guide)-0000-00-00

1. Registration of Scouts/Guides
2. Rajya Puruskar Testing camp held on 26/04/15 to 30/4/15
3. Tritiya Sopan Testing camp in the month of July .
4. Pratham /Dwitiya Sopan Testing camp in the month of September .
5. Scouts/Guides jhanda Diwas 7 November.
6. Reorientation Courses for Scout Master and guide caption.
7. Thinking Day 22 February 2016.
8. Scouts/Guides activities (every wednesday).
9. KVS Bharat Scouts/Guides correspondence.

 CUB BULBUL UTSAV 2015-0000-00-00


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 Plan for the year 2016-2017(Scout and Guide)-0000-00-00

1. Registration of Scouts/Guides
2. Pre Rajya Puruskar and Rajya Puruskar Testing camp held on 08/07/16 to 16/07/16
3. Tritiya Sopan Testing camp from 30/06/16 to 02/07/2016.
4. Pratham /Dwitiya Sopan Testing camp in the month of September .
5. Scouts/Guides Jhanda Diwas 7 November.
6. Pre Jamboori and Jamboori celebration from 23/12/2016 to 04/01/2017
7. Thinking Day 22 February 2016.
8. Scouts/Guides activities (every Wednesday).
9. KVS Bharat Scouts/Guides correspondence.

 CUB BULBUL UTSAV 2016-0000-00-00

cub bulbul utsav will be celebrated from 12/11/2016 to 14/11/2016.
 Scout and Guide Report 2014-15-2014-08-26

 scout and guide 2014-15-Scout and Guide Report 2014-15-2014-08-26

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 KV Damoh Calender of Activities for the season 2013-14-0000-00-00

1. Re-orientation Programme for Unit Leader dated 29-6-13 to 30-6-13 helded in KV.No. 1,chhindwara on attended by –
(1) SMT.Sushma Tripathi TGT (
(2) Uma Shankar TGT (hindi)
2. P.M.Shield Registration for 32 Scouts & 32 Guides completed in the month of July
3. Group Registration for Scouts & Guides completed at the months of July
4. Pre. Rajya Purskar Testing Camp 2013-14 held on KV.No. 2 JBP for Guides

Name of Scouts Name of Guides
1. Prasant Tiwari X-C Princi Jain X-C
2. Surendra Sen X-C
3. Sonu Saral X-C
4. Surya Pratap X-C
5. Abhishek Choubey
6. Om Bidoliya

Above Scouts & Guides participated Pre-Rajya Purskar but not qualified.

5. Pravesh , Investiture Ceremony, Van Mahotsav celebrated at the Vidyalaya level in the month of July,2013.
6. Trit

 Report of scout and guide session 2011-12-0000-00-00

In kendriya vidyalaya damoh (m.p.) scouts and guid following activities are to be done
1-registration of cubs and bulbuls from class third to fifth
2.registration of scout and guide from sixth on word.
3. pravesh of the new students in scout &guides activities
4.plantation by scout and guides.
Biside ,pre rajya camp.2011,which was held on raipur from 27-07-11 to 29-07-11 in which two scout and guide participate and only two scouts names are as under-
1.shivam asati XB
2.durgesh patel Xb
In each and every Wednesday,scouts and guide activities are done in which scout master guide caption,cub master,flock leader,motivated their children.

 Report of scout and guide session 2010-11-0000-00-00

In kendriya vidyalaya damoh session 2010-11,following scout and guide activities have been conducted as per k.v.s.
Scouts and guides activities are done in each and scouts and
1.rajya purskar selection camp was at k.v. billaspur 19-07-10 to 21-07-10 in which four scout participated.
2.tritya sopon testing camp 2010 from 6th to 1st September 2010 was held at kv no.2 g.c.f. Jabalpur in which fopur scout and guiode attended and passed.
3.divisioned rally state cum pre jamboree was held at k.v. bmy bhilai from 25-11-10 to 28-11-10 in which two scouts and guide participated.
4. pratham and dwitya sopon two night camp was held on 27th &28th November this camps passed pratham and dwitiya sopan at vidyalaya level.
Scout Guide
Pratham sopon 49 11
Dwitiya sopon 24 05
5.thinking day was celebrated in vidyalaya on 22-02-11 22nd,feb 2011.

 Bharat Scouts & Guides / National Cadet Corps-0000-00-00

Name of Scout masters 1. Mr. J P Mishra 2. Mr. Jitender Kumar, 3. Mr. N.K. Sinha, 4.Mr. J.S. Thakur
Total number of scouts- 80 number of guides- 20, number of cubs- 30,number of bulbuls- 20.
Achievements: Tritiya sopan passed scouts =06 at KV GCF-1, in Nov 2009 Pre-Rajya puraskar passed scouts = 02 at KV GCF-1 in Aug. 2006
Tritiya sopan passed Scouts =06
Activities held:
(1)Hiking- from kendriya vidyalaya Damoh to Jabalpur Naka = distance 06 KM,
(2) Service work at Railway Station and Dist. Hospital Damoh,
(3) Testing and Training camp for Prathan and Dvitiya sopan at school level conducted on 21-22 Nov 2009
(4) Tritiya sopan at regional level at 1STC Jablpur attended by Six scouts and passed that.
(5) Plantation Program At Vidyalaya Campus on 20-08-2009.
(6) National Adventure Program Held at Pachmari from 05-10-09 to 11-10-09 in which 7 Scouts & 1-Escort hasbeen participated and passed.
(7) The Cub- Bulbul Utsav was held at K V OF Katni from 13 to 14 Nov. 2009.